Modulum is an addon for Blender 2.8 that adds new features and user experience changes to improve your workflow.


Live Booleans

Perform non-destructive boolean operations without fear using Live Booleans.


Manage modifiers in bulk with new operations for quickly applying and removing modifiers on selected objects, or quickly copy operators between selected and active objects.


Managing topology is easier than ever with new features like Copy Selection to New Map, Flatten Faces and Convert Ngons to Fan Topology.



Our first public release sets the stage for the features to come. This “early access” release contains the foundations of the addon with changes to Blender’s default key bindings and several new menus and operators.

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Get It

Our latest release, 2019.0, is currently available as "early access" while we work towards implementing our roadmap of planned features. You can find it at its early access pricing on Gumroad.