Bevel Weighting

Quickly assign or remove bevel weighting on a selection of edges or edges that meet an angle limit critera.

The top of the panel offers 10 buttons for setting bevel weight in increments of 10% for the current selection of edges. Right below these 10 incremental buttons is a button for clearing any bevel weighting only on the current selection.

Adjust Using Tool allows you to dynamically adjust the edge bevel weighting on the current selection of your mouse cursor. Moving right increases the bevel weight whereas moving left decreases it. This feature is the default mechanism that Blender provides for modifying edge bevel weighting.

Adjust By Angle will assign a set bevel weighting for edges that meet the “Angle Limit” criteria that appears in the tool settings. You can optionally invert the selection to edges that don’t meet the “Angle Limit” criteria. Currently, this will replace all existing bevel weights on the mesh, limiting bevel weights to only what the angle limit criteria selects.

Demo of the bevel weight panel