Modulum is an addon for Blender 2.8 and provides a number of new features and adjustments to the UI in an attempt to provide an even more concise and effective workflow. While Blender’s design philosophies are improving rapidly, there are some aspects that are very unique to Blender and tend to be a barrier to entry for many artists.

Modulum attempts to rework some of Blender’s native menus, keybindings and features to be more accessible to newcomers and veterans, while also providing some new functionality that Blender lacks entirely.


After you’ve purchased Modulum from our Gumroad page, download the .zip file for the latest version and open up Blender. Once in Blender, click on “Edit”, followed by “Preferences”. This will open up a new window that has a side bar with several buttons, click on “Addons” within this list. Now click the “Install from File” in the top right corner of this view and select the .zip file you downloaded earlier. You should now see Modulum in this list below. Make sure that the checkbox for the addon is “checked” to enable it.

Screenshot of the addons view in the preferences window