Rename Selected

The “Rename Selected” operator provides a faster way of renaming objects within object mode. Rather than having to indivudally select and rename each object using the outliner, you can use this feature to rename all selected objects in bulk. This operator also allows for tokens to be used for generating names dynamically based on certain traits or properties of each object.

This operator is intended to replace Blender’s more limited “Rename Active Object” operator.

By default, you can find this new operator in the “Object Context Menu”, provided that you have Extend Blender’s Menus & Panels enabled in the addon preferences, or by pressing the F2 key.


You can supply tokens using the {token_key} syntax. The available tokens are listed below:

Token Description
{active_name} Current name of the active object.
{active_type} Type of the active object, formatted as “Mesh” instead of “MESH”.
{name} Current name of the selected object being renamed.
{type} Type of the selected object being renamed, formatted as “Mesh” instead of “MESH”.
{index} Arbitrary index value relative to the number of items selected. Index values start at 1 and increment from there.
{index_zero} Same as {index} but the index value starts at 0.