Selection Tools

The selection menu provides access to the most commonly used selection operators based on the current viewport and mode. It acts like a more focused version of Blender’s own “Select” menu that can be found in the UV and 3D viewports, while adding a few new capabilities (such as “Select Objects by Modifier Type”) and omitting more obscure selection tools (like “Select Random”).

The selection menu can be accessed using the S key.

Image of the selection menu in object mode

Supported Windows & Modes

The supported viewports and modes are:

Common Tools / Operators

In most of the 3D viewport modes, the top of the selection menu features the 4 main selection tools: Cursor, Box, Circle and Lasso. The idea behind adding these tools to the menu is to provide faster way to change the current selection tool without the need for dedicated keybindings.

Following the tools are the operators for selecting all available items, selecting nothing or inverting the current selection. These selection operators exist in almost all 3D viewport modes and can therefore be expected to show up in the same portion of the menu.

New Selection Operations

Select Objects by Modifier Type

Selects all objects that contain 1 or more modifiers of a specified critera or objects that have no modifiers. The modifier type dropdown automatically filters out modifiers that aren’t presently assigned to any objects in the current scene.

Select Faces by Material

Selects all faces of the active mesh that contain a specified material. The material selection dropdown only shows materials that are available on the current mesh. If no materials have been assigned on the mesh, then the operator will be disabled.