Topology Tools

The new “Topology Tools” menu mixes a variety of new, and old, features for modifying a mesh’s topology while in edit mode. The goal of this menu is to surface the most useful or common topological operations in a single menu.

The topology menu is accessed in edit mesh mode by pressing the T key.

New Topology Operations

Copy Selection to New Mesh

Copies the currently selected vertexes, edges or faces to a new mesh object.

Demo of the copy selection to new mesh operator

Mirror and Weld

Splits the mesh across a selected axis and duplicates the remaining half from one side to the other. Copies from the positive side of the axis to the negative side by default.

Demo of the mirror and weld

Convert Ngon to Fan Topology

Generates a median point of a selected ngon and replaces the ngon with a triangle or quad based fan topology.

Demo of the triangle/quad fan

Round Boundary

Takes a selection of linked faces and averages the boundary to form a rounded, circular topology. This operator rounds the boundary of the face selection relative to the shape/size of the selection, rather than creating a perfect circular form.

Demo of the round boundary